The syllabus page provides a recommended schedule for completing the course. You should aim to spend between 3 to 6 hours each week to complete the activities and learning challenges at times which are convenient for your own schedule. The time you spend completing the challenges will vary according to your existing digital skills and experience. You are free to study at your own pace and access to the materials will remain open.

The Empowered Digital Teacher for Online Learning (EDT4OL) course is divided into two phases:

  1. Preparing a successful Acceptance portfolio to gain entry to a facilitated cohort (2 weeks)
  2. Completing the Course learning challenges (3 weeks)

Each week is subdivided into Sessions.

Acceptance portfolio

Week 1

Session Details
Portfolio getting started Website orientation before course starts
Portfolio Session 1 Basic wiki skills
Portfolio Session 2 Copyright and Creative Commons licensing

Week 2

Session Details
Portfolio Session 3 Learning contract
Portfolio Session 4 Publish personal blog post

EDT4OL course

Week 1

Session Details
EDT4OL Session 0 Establish your PLE
EDT4OL Session 1 Interactive learning with H5P
EDT4OL Session 2 Developing a storyboard

Week 2

Session Details
EDT4OL Session 3 Outlining a learning pathway
EDT4OL Session 4 Intermediate wiki skills

Week 3

Session Details
EDT4OL Session 5 Snapshot process
EDT4OL Session 6 Authoring a learning sequence

Session details

Portfolio getting started

key points

Course overview

Familiarise yourself with the course site and course guide.

  • Date: Before the course starts
  • Resources
    1. About EDT4OL
    2. Start here
    3. Course guide (Click on the “Next” button at the bottom of each screen of the course guide or use the site navigation to proceed.)
  • Key activities
    1. Please complete the Pre-course survey online. (This will help us to better support students on this course).

Portfolio Session 1

key points

Basic wiki skills

Demonstrate semantic markup skills by publishing a user page on WikiEducator.

Portfolio Session 2

key points

Copyright and Creative Commons licensing

Demonstrate knowledge of basic concepts in copyright and Creative Commons licensing by passing a short knowledge test.

Portfolio Session 3

key points

Learning contract

Sign the EDT4OL Learning contract.

Portfolio Session 4

key points

Publish personal blog post

Demonstrate online publishing skills by preparing a blog post sharing evidence of prerequisite knowledge for this course.

EDT4OL Session 0

key points

Establish a Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

EDT4OL Session 1

key points

Interactive learning with H5P

EDT4OL Session 2

key points

Developing a storyboard

Publish a storyboard for a sub-section of an online course website.

EDT4OL Session 3

key points

Outlining a learning pathway

Sequence and ‘chunk’ the individual pages of a learning pathway to generate an outline spreadsheet template.

EDT4OL Session 4

key points

Intermediate wiki skills

Complete a series of activities and mini-challenges, leading to creation of a page in WikiEducator demonstrating a range of intermediate wiki skills needed for publishing online learning material.

EDT4OL Session 5

key points

Snapshot process

Snapshot a collection of individual wiki pages listed on an ‘outline’ page on WikiEducator to a WordPress course site.

EDT4OL Session 6

key points

Authoring and publishing a learning sequence

Author the content for a learning pathway integrating activities in the wiki then publish the outputs to a WordPress course Multisite.