In this course, a ‘snapshot’ refers to the technical process of publishing a collection of individual wiki pages listed on an ‘outline’ page on WikiEducator to a WordPress course site. The wiki pages serve as a ‘single origin’ (source of truth) for published course websites.

A snapshot is like a photograph which captures an image at a specific point in time. Consequently, if you make any changes to the source wiki pages, they will not be reflected on the published WordPress course site until you request another snapshot image.

When using a snapshot process, course authors should not edit pages directly in WordPress because any subsequent snapshots will overwrite changes made in WordPress.



During this learning pathway, you will:

  • Familiarise yourself with the wiki-to-WordPress publishing model
  • Create an ‘Outline’ page in the wiki, containing the sub-pages of a learning pathway for publishing to a WordPress course site
  • Publish an ‘Outline’ page that meets the technical markup requirements to generate a snapshot
  • Successfully publish a snapshot on the course site with working navigation for a learning pathway