In this learning challenge we will help you to register the website accounts you will need to set up your personal learning environment.

The EDT4OL delivery platform is an ecosystem of open source websites assembled to support students to gain competence in learning to learn on the internet. As a course focused on digital skills we aim to build capability in using a range of online applications for learning. A key advantage of this approach is the students will retain access to their online interactions after the course is completed.

After submitting your application portfolio and confirmation of your acceptance for this course, you can proceed with EDT4OL by working through this brief orientation pathway to help you establish your personal learning environment (PLE) for effective engagement in this micro-course.



Successful participation in this micro-course requires the ability to:



On successful completion of this orientation pathway you will be able to use the EDT4OL’s component-based, online delivery platform to support your learning. In this learning pathway you will:

  • Create the relevant website accounts you need to engage in the EDT4OL learning experience.
  • Practise using the technologies by completing short activities using these tools.