This page provides a list of challenges for each learning pathway.

Establish a personal learning environment

Title Type
Password manager (password manager software) Mini challenge

Interactive learning with H5P

Title Type
Interactive content challenge (H5P objects and blog) Challenge
Interactive learning with H5P (quiz) Knowledge test

Developing a storyboard

Title Type
Storyboard challenge (storyboard) Challenge
Developing a storyboard (quiz) Knowledge test

Outlining a learning pathway

Title Type
Learning pathway outline (sequence outline and blog) Challenge
Outlining a learning pathway (quiz) Knowledge test

Intermediate wiki skills

Title Type
Pedagogical templates (customised pedagogical template) Mini challenge
Footnotes and citations (wikipage) Mini challenge
Tables (wikipage) Mini challenge
Quizzes (wikipage) Mini challenge
Wiki skills (wikipage and blog) Challenge
Intermediate wiki skills (quiz) Knowledge test

Snapshot process

Title Type
Snapshot (course website and blog) Challenge
Snapshot process (Quiz) Knowledge test

Author and publish a learning sequence

Title Type
OER inventory challenge (resource list) Mini challenge
Publish a learning sequence (blog) Challenge
Publishing a learning sequence (Quiz) Knowledge test