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EDT4OL Badges

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Badge Details
Badge 1

link=EDT4OL/Portfolio/Start portfolio blog

Acceptance Portfolio Badge
Provide evidence of digital skills for open online publishing

Learning challenges and requirements
Basic wiki skills
Copyright and CC knowledge test
Submit learning contract
Publish acceptance portfolio blog post

Badge 2

link=EDT4OL/H5P/Interactive content

H5P Author Badge

Provide evidence of digital skills to author interactive learning activities using H5P and publish these online

Learning challenge
Create three H5P activities and embed in personal blog post reflection

Badge 3

link=EDT4OL/Learning sequence/Course designer badge part 2

Course Designer Badge

Provide evidence of reflective design by sequencing a learning pathway for an online course
Learning challenges

Badge 4

Course developer v1.png

Course Developer Badge

Provide evidence of authoring and publishing a learning sequence to an online course website
Learning challenges

Badge 5

Participant v1.png

EDT4OL Participant Badge

Pass a basic knowledge test covering core concepts in the course.
Complete knowledge test

Badge 6

Empowered digital teacher v1.png

Empowered Digital Teacher Badge

Cumulative badge awarded for completion of Badges 1 – 5

Viewing and sharing digital badges

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