In this course, you will develop open online learning materials incorporating Open Educational Resources (OER). This requires you to have a working knowledge of Copyright and open licensing using Creative Commons licences before you commence your studies. This pre-test requirement will minimise your personal legal risks associated with any potential breach of copyright in a digital world when publishing online materials.

While you are waiting to have your personal blog site created, now is a good time to take the short Copyright and Creative Commons licensing pre-test, which is a requirement for your acceptance portfolio.

About the knowledge test


You will take the knowledge test covering the basics of Copyright and Creative Commons licensing on Moodle. You need to pass this test as part of your acceptance portfolio.

  • The test has 20 questions:
    • 4 True/false questions on copyright
    • 4 Multiple choice questions on copyright
    • 6 True/false questions on Creative Commons licensing
    • 6 Multiple choice questions on Creative Commons licensing
  • You must achieve at least 50% as a requirement of your Acceptance Portfolio
  • If you do not succeed in your first attempt, you may attempt the test again until you receive a passing grade.

Remember that, when it comes to legal compliance of copyright in a digital environment, you must comply as a matter of law in all requirements of your national copyright act. Therefore, a 50% pass mark is a reasonably low threshold, recognising that you will learn more through experience on this course. Take the test and see how you do.

web resources

Web resources

Quick recap

Recent graduates of the Digital skills for OER sharing course should be able to pass the knowledge test. However, if you need a refresher you can scan the following pages before attempting the test:

Additional resources
If you are looking for more thorough coverage of these topics, please consult the following learning pathways from the OERu’s micro-course on Open education, copyright and open licensing in a digital world:


Activity - Take the test on Copyright and Creative Commons licensing

  1. Log into the Acceptance portfolio page on Moodle.
  2. Click on Step 2: Complete the Copyright and Creative Commons licensing test and follow the instructions there.

Good luck!