To ensure that learners on the Empowered Digital Teacher for Online Learning (EDT4OL) course have the necessary level of knowledge and digital skills to succeed in the course, enrolment on the course is only available for learners who have successfully submitted an Acceptance Portfolio.

The Acceptance Portfolio requires that you provide evidence of:

  1. Basic wiki skills
  2. Knowledge of basic concepts in copyright and Creative Commons licensing
  3. Signing the EDT4OL learning contract
  4. Online publishing skills by preparing a personal blog post.

You will find full details of these requirements in the Acceptance Portfolio section of this course site. This section also includes self-study learning materials to support you in preparing a successful Acceptance Portfolio.

On successful submission of an Acceptance Portfolio, learners will earn the Acceptance Portfolio Badge. Facilitated cohorts of this course are restricted to 30 students. In the event that you succeed in achieving the Acceptance Portfolio Badge but the course is over-subscribed, you will be added to a preferential wait list for the next cohort offering.