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You have the opportunity to demonstrate your achievements in this course by earning six digital badges, together with an EDT4OL Certificate of completion.

On this page, we explain how you can earn the badges and the certificate. To preview the badges and find out more about viewing and sharing digital badges, see Digital badges. To learn about obtaining and verifying your certificate of completion, see Certificate of completion.

Learning challenge badges

The learning challenge badges mark your progress through different sections of the course. There is a badge associated with successful completion of the following learning challenges:

  • H5P interactive content (H5P Author badge)
  • Developing a storyboard, and Outlining a learning pathway (Course Designer badge)
  • Intermediate wiki skills, Snapshot process, and Authoring a learning sequence (Course Developer badge)

This course also focuses on developing your online publishing skills and students are required to publish a short personal blog reflection which together with the outputs of individual challenges provides an e-portfolio of your work.

To complete a learning challenge, you will need to:

  1. Complete the tasks specified in the course materials for each challenge
  2. Conduct a self-evaluation of your outputs using the traffic light rubric for each challenge
  3. Publish a short reflection in your personal blog with links to the outputs of your challenge
  4. Upload a link to your blog post and/or other outputs for the relevant challenge on the EDT4OL Moodle site

Your submission will be reviewed by a teacher on the course. If approved, you will receive notification that the badge for that learning challenge has been awarded to you. This may take some time, depending on the time zone the teacher is working in, but will typically be done within 24 hours if received on a working day.

If your submission is not approved on the first attempt, you will receive brief feedback on how to improve it, and an opportunity to upload it again. Generally, you will only get three attempts to submit evidence of a completed learning challenge in Moodle, therefore it is important that you conduct an objective self-assessment of your outputs using the traffic light criteria before submitting your work.

Participant badge

If you successfully complete the EDT4OL Knowledge test, you will be awarded a EDT4OL Participant badge.

Empowered Digital Teacher badge and EDT4OL Certificate of completion

If you successfully complete the whole Empowered Digital Teacher for Online Learning course, by earning all four learning challenge badges and the Participant badge, you will also automatically earn an ‘Empowered Digital Teacher’ badge, as well as the EDT4OL Certificate of Completion.