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The questions which follow provide a basic knowledge test of selected concepts covered in this learning pathway: Snapshot process.

The questions published at the end of each learning pathway are re-used for the knowledge test for learners interested in earning a digital badge or certificate of participation for the Empowered Digital Teacher for Online Learning (EDT4OL) micro-course. Please consult the Certify participation page for more information.


True-false questions

  • Edits and refinements to a published course site should be made in WordPress.
    • True
      • Incorrect. Subsequent snapshots will overwrite any changes you make in WordPress.
    • False
      • Correct. Editing should be done in the wiki.
  • Authoring content in a wiki facilitates collaborative authoring of content.
    • True
      • Correct. The detailed version history provided by a wiki facilitates collaborative authoring
    • False
      • Incorrect. One of the primary reasons for using a wiki is to provide a detailed version history.
  • Wikipedia is the software used for authoring in WikiEducator.
    • True
      • Incorrect. The WikiEducator website is powered by the MediaWiki software.
    • False
      • Correct. Wikipedia is a website, not the name of a software application.
  • The structured bullet list of an ‘Outline’ page mirrors the site navigation of the WordPress course site.
    • True
      • Correct. The hierarchical structure of the bullet list is used to generate the course site navigation.
    • False
      • Incorrect.
  • A ‘Grandchild’ page refers to the sub-page of the ‘Parent’ page
    • True
      • Incorrect. ‘Grandchild’ is a sub-page of the ‘Child’ page.
    • False
      • Correct. A ‘Grandchild’ page is a sub-page of a ‘Child’ page.


Multiple choice questions

  • Which of the options is the shortcut wiki markup to create a ‘Grandchild’ sub-page linked from the ‘Child’ page?
    • [[/Grandchild/|Grandchild label text]]
      • Correct.
    • [[/Grandchild|Grandchild label text]]
      • Incorrect. ‘Grandchild’ must be contained between two forward slashes (/).
    • [[Parent/Child/Grandchild|Grandchild label text]]
      • Incorrect. This is not a shortcut, but the correct syntax to link to the Grandchild page.
    • [[{{:subpage}}/Grandchild|Grandchild label text]]
      • Incorrect. {{:subpage}} would be a ‘transclusion’ that is not required in this case.
  • Which password credentials should be used when requesting a snapshot?
    • Your WikiEducator password
      • Incorrect. This is used to log in to WikiEducator.
    • Your WordPress password
      • Correct. The snapshot script requires your WordPress password to check that you are authorised to publish to the WordPress site.
    • No password is required to publish a snapshot from an open wiki
      • Incorrect. Only authenticated WordPress administrators can publish a snapshot to the WordPress course site.
    • Your Bitwarden master password
      • Incorrect. The master password for your password manager will provide access to passwords you have saved, and should not be reused for any other websites.
  • In the context of this course, which one of the following statements is FALSE?
    • If a parent bullet in a course outline has any children, the parent bullet must not be a wiki link (except for the first bullet used for the landing page)
      • Incorrect. This statement is true
    • The wiki outline for a snapshot can include up to four (4) hierarchical levels.
      • Correct. This statement is false, because the navigation structure is limited to three (3) hierarchical levels.
    • The course website uses the wiki link ‘pipe’ text (wiki link display text) for the page titles in the published WordPress site.
      • Incorrect. This statement is true.
    • Avoid using long titles as wiki link display text, because they do not display well as menu options.
      • Incorrect. This statement is true.
  • Which one of the following statements about the first bullet of an outline page is FALSE?
    • The first bullet is reserved for the course homepage
      • Incorrect. This statement is true.
    • The first bullet must be linked to an internal wiki page
      • Incorrect. This statement is true.
    • The first bullet is signified using the hash sign (‘#’)
      • Correct. The hash is used for numbered lists and will not work when generating a snapshot.
    • The first bullet is signified using an asterisk character (‘*’)
      • Incorrect. This statement is true.