In this section, you will create a storyboard for the learning pathway you identified in your learning contract.

  1. Refresh your knowledge of the range of H5P content types and the activities you created in the H5P authoring challenge, because you will need to specify activities in your storyboard.
  2. Based on the knowledge you have acquired during this Storyboard pathway, consider whether your choice of a learning pathway specified in your Learning Contract is suitable for this storyboarding challenge. (You can amend your learning contract to change the Learning Pathway – instructions for the submission of changes to your learning contract are provided in the Outputs section of this challenge.) Consider the following guidelines:
    1. You are not required to develop the storyboard for a full course in this challenge – each EDT4OL learner is only required to develop a storyboard for one learning pathway which would equate to around one to two learning hours in total for learners working through the materials.
    2. Choose a suitable topic that is sufficiently comprehensive to cover the introduction, body and conclusion for a learning pathway. For example, a course introduction would not be a good choice for this activity because you will be restricted in the range of learning materials and e-learning activities you could incorporate in your design.
    3. Choose topics which would be suitable to include a substantive assessment activity (formative or summative) in the storyboard.
    4. Minimum requirements for types of activity
      Every storyboard must include the following types of e-Learning activities so that you can demonstrate your digital skills for incorporating these in your final challenge:
      1. A video (for example, this can be a screencast, an audiographic showing visuals with audio voice-over, webcam recording providing instructions for learners, video recording of a demonstration…) and associated activity based on the video
      2. An interactive quiz using wiki markup (i.e. True-false or Multiple choice questions with feedback for correct and incorrect answers)
      3. At least one activity that will be developed as an H5P interactive object
    5. You can work as a team or as an individual learner (as per the Learning Contract you submitted earlier in the course.)
      • Requirements for teams creating a shared storyboard
        1. Download a copy of the storyboard template for teams
        2. Each team member should work on their own learning pathway for the course website you are building
        3. Discuss the allocation of learning pathways to members of the team
        4. The team co-coordinator should collate a combined storyboard for the team, then share a copy of the final version with members of the team. Each team member is required to submit a copy of the storyboard you developed, as badges are awarded individually
        5. Complete the storyboard template
      • Requirements for individuals creating a storyboard
        1. Download a copy of the storyboard template for individuals
        2. Complete the storyboard template
  3. Remember to share your learning journey with our community by posting regularly on Mastodon (remember to include the hashtag: #EDT4OL), WEnotes or the forums site.