Challenge summary

Summary: Develop a storyboard to support the learning design of your course.
1 – 2 hours
Requirement for the Course Designer badge (Part 1)

Developing a storyboard will assist in determining the learning sequence for activities, and subsequently help you in outlining a learning pathway for inclusion in a published course site which we will cover in the next section.

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web resources

Stimulus resources

Please visit the following links before commencing the activity:

  • Stimulus 1: Example 1. A storyboard for a course on storyboarding for learning design, developed by Gabi Witthaus and Brenda Padilla. (A number of the OER resources in this course were re-used and re-mixed for this OERu course.)
  • Stimulus 2: Example 2. A storyboard for a professional development course, developed by Gabbi Witthaus covering aspects of learning design, illustrating a blended approach incorporating both online and face-to-face components.



The purpose of this learning challenge is to:

  • Design and share a first draft of a storyboard for one learning pathway (for each EDT4OL participant), which would approximate one to two hours of learning time for learners working through the materials you design. You can work as a member of a team, but each EDT4OL participant should take responsibility for their own learning pathway within the team project.

By completing this learning challenge, you will be in a better position to:

  • Integrate pedagogical components (eLearning activities, assessments etc.) within the subject matter you aim to cover in your storyboard
  • Develop the structure and sequence of a course outline of the individual pages for your learning pathway (we will cover this in the next section).
  • Complete one of the building blocks required for gaining the EDT4OL Course Designer badge.