The syllabus page provides a recommended schedule for completing the course. You should aim to spend between 3 to 5 hours each week to complete the learning challenges at times which are convenient for your own schedule. The time you spend completing the challenges will vary according to your existing digital skills and experience. You are free to study at your own pace and access to the materials will remain open.

The Digital skills for OER sharing (DS4OERS) course comprises a number of learning challenges. You will start with the enabler challenges during the first week which provide the preknowledge you will need to develop open educational resources (OER). You will then proceed to complete a series of digital skills challenges to produce three reusable teaching resources for inclusion in a lesson plan of your choice.

Week 1

Session Details
Getting started Orientation before course starts
Session 0 Establish your PLE (Enabler challenge)
Session 1 Why does open matter (Enabler challenge)
Session 2 The OER development process (Enabler challenge)
Session 3 Interactive remix game (Enabler challenge)

Week 2

Session Details
Session 4 Open image (Digital skills challenge)
Session 5 Vector chart or diagram remix (Digital skills challenge)

Week 3

Session Details
Session 6 Static audio graphic remix (Digital skills challenge)
Session 7 Lesson plan (Digital skills challenge)
Session 8 Open consultation – The way forward

Getting started

key points

Course overview

Familiarise yourself with the course site and course guide.

Session 0

key points

Establish a Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

Session 1

key points

Why does open matter?

Personal reflection on why we teach and how open can support our work.

Session 2

key points

What is the OER process?

Gain an overview of the OER development process and confirm preknowledge to legally reuse, revise, remix and redistribute open teaching resources.

Session 3

key points

Remix compatibility among open licenses

Apply knowledge of the legal remix compatibility of open licenses when determining permissible licenses for derivative works.

Session 4

key points

Open image challenge

Develop a printable teaching resource in PDF format in a curriculum area of your choice to be used in a classroom incorporating openly licensed images you have found on the internet.

Session 5

key points

Vector image remix challenge

Develop a chart, diagram, or graphic organiser in a curriculum area of your choice, that you can use as a single page printable resource in a classroom. Include SVG graphics you have sourced on the internet and deposit in an online OER repository.

Session 6

key points

Static audiographic challenge

Assemble a static image audiographic with music introduction in a subject area of your choice, for use by students in a lesson and deposit in an online OER repository.

Session 7

key points

Lesson plan challenge

Design a lesson plan in a subject area of your choice that incorporates:

  • Printable image resource
  • Vector-based diagram, chart or learning aid
  • Static audiographic

Session 8

key points

OER consultation

Participate in an open consultation on recommendations for building national and regional communities of OER practitioners.