In this learning challenge, you will produce a static audiographic resource for use in the classroom.



For the purposes of this learning challenge, an audiographic teaching resource is an image, chart, or diagram with a corresponding audio recording that provides an explanation or instructions used to support learning.

The audio file can either

  • be distributed as an audio file, independently of the graphic, for use in combination with a printed version of the image, or
  • be combined with the graphic for playback using a video file format.

Audiographics are particularly useful for remote teaching or individual self-study in the classroom using a smartphone or computer with headset or earphones.

Learning challenge output

In this learning challenge, you will produce an audiographic resource that includes:

  1. a title slide with a music track in the background,
  2. a static graphic with an audio explanation, and
  3. an acknowledgement slide for attributing resources used and the copyright licence for the work.


On successful completion of this learning challenge, you will have:

  • Installed the Audacity audio-recording and editing software on your computer
  • Recorded, edited, and exported an audio file for use in your resource
  • Generated an image, chart, or diagram to include in your audiographic resource
  • Produced a script for recording an audio track
  • Installed Openshot (a video-editing package) on your computer
  • Completed the learning challenge to produce an audiographic file for upload on an OER resource repository.