Five Arrow OER Process.png

Overview of the process

The process for developing an OER teaching resource generally includes five steps:

  1. Find: Search for openly licensed material online (images, audio, video, text etc.) for generating a teaching resource
  2. Compose: Combine the openly licensed materials you found in a meaningful way
  3. Adapt: Modify the materials to suit your own teaching context and create new content as required
  4. License: Re-license the derivative work, taking into account the re-mix compatibility of the open licensed materials included in the teaching resource
  5. Share: Distribute the resource for your learners, and upload to an open repository for the benefit of fellow teachers

Pre-knowledge for successful OER development

Developing OER teaching resources requires that you:

While this micro-course does not go into the detail of open education, copyright, and/or open licensing, we do provide a brief summary of these concepts in this learning challenge. If you would like to learn more about these concepts, you can choose from any of the following free courses to expand your knowledge: