Select and create a plan for the appropriate learner support that you will provide for the lesson that you have designed in Module 1 using the template given below.

Lesson Plan Template
Lesson Title:

(Describe the content around which this lesson is built.)

Bridge-in (Motivation):




Learning theories/approaches used:

  • Describe how this content should be ideally taught so that learning outcomes will be met?
  • Describe how this approach relates to learning theories?

Learning Outcomes:

  • (What is the subject, and what are the learning outcomes?)

Time Instructional Process Learner’s Activities Resources




Projected Challenges:

  • (Describe the challenges in teaching/learning this content.)


Learner Support
Type of learner support:

Identify the type of learner support you would recommend for your lesson or course (for example, peer-to-peer support)


What is the rationale behind choosing the learner support above?

Training (if applicable)

Will the chosen learner support require training?


What is the timeframe for successfully carrying out the learner support activities?

Your role

What is your role during the implementation of the learner support?

Risks involved

What may be some of the risks involved while implementing the learner support programme?

Possible solutions

What are some of the possible solutions to the risks identified above?

*Click here to download the above template in MS Word

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