LS4ODFL Netiquette

Netiquette refers to using common courtesy in online communication. Before posting on the discussion forums, please ensure that you have read and understood these guidelines on netiquette:

  • All posts should be in the English language only.
  • Avoid using textspeak, such as “ur” for “your” or “ru” for “are you” etc. It is only acceptable when texting.
  • Use complete sentences and standard English grammar to compose posts, write in proper paragraphs and review your work before submitting it.
  • When replying to a posting, quote the part of the original posting to which you are replying to help classmates understand the context.
  • Avoid one word or single phrase responses. Use complete sentences.
  • Write in a professional and courteous manner, even if you must disagree with any other person. Keep your interactions friendly, especially as you’re getting to know each other.
    You can show courtesy during your online conversation by following these tips:
  • Do not dominate any discussion. Give other students the opportunity to join in the discussion.
  • Never make fun of someone’s ability to read or write.
  • Share tips with other students.
  • Keep an “open-mind” and be willing to express even your minority opinion. Minority opinions must be respected.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for feedback.
  • Using humor is acceptable but be careful that it is not misinterpreted.
  • Avoid sarcasm.
  • Use capital letters sparingly. Using all CAPITAL letters online is the equivalent of yelling.
  • Avoid posting anything that is defamatory, discriminatory, abusive, hateful or offensive towards any other person or institute.
  • Ensure that your posts do not invade someone’s privacy.
  • Assume any comment you read that sounds abrasive was not proofread for tone and was not meant to offend. If you are upset, you might wait a little before posting a hasty reply that you may regret later.
  • Be aware of cultural differences. Avoid unexplained references that may not be understood or cause feelings of exclusion.
  • Avoid posting anything that encourages any form of unlawful activity.