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You have the opportunity to demonstrate your achievements in this course by earning six digital badges, together with a LS4ODFL Certificate of completion.

On this page, we explain how you can earn the badges and the certificate. To preview the badges and find out more about viewing and sharing digital badges, see Digital badges. To learn about obtaining and verifying your certificate of completion, see Certificate of completion.

Learning challenge badges

The learning challenge badges mark your progress through different modules of the course. There is a badge associated with successful completion of each of the following learning challenges:

To complete a learning challenge, you will need to upload your task to the relevant page of the LS4ODFL Moodle site

Participant badge

If you successfully complete the LS4ODFL Knowledge test, you will be awarded a LS4ODFL Participant badge.

LS4ODFL badge and LS4ODFL Certificate of completion

If you successfully complete the whole Learner Support for Open Distance and Flexible Learning course, by earning all four learning challenge badges and the Participant badge, you will also automatically earn an LS4ODFL badge, as well as the LS4ODFL Certificate of completion.