To complete this challenge, read the following scenario:

You have designed a course for your online class in Moodle. One of the key components of the course is that students are to post on online discussion forums on Moodle, and this will contribute 10% towards their final grade. You have to ensure that your online students are respectful, and mindful of what they post on the forums so that they are not offensive or rude to other participants.

  • Required: Prepare a netiquette guideline for your online course.
  • Upload your resource and earn a badge: When you are satisfied that your netiquette guideline is of a suitable quality, you are invited to upload it to the CS4ODFL Moodle site.

If you’re not sure about any aspect of the learning challenge, please post them to the CS4ODFL Moodle site. [Moodle Enrolment key: ppodl (all lowercase)]

Course Netiquette Badge