For this challenge, imagine teaching a large online course. Design a communication plan to guide and create opportunities to have more meaningful and engaging conversations with your students. Refer to module readings, reflect on your own experience, and use the template below to develop your course communication plan.

Communication Plan Template
1. Key stakeholders

List the key stakeholders who need to be involved. How do their needs differ? Who can provide input? Should there be a “fast response team”?

2. Communication objectives

Create a set of SMART (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time-based) goals. Should clearly set out outcomes and impacts.

What internal data supports or informs the objectives?

3. Communication methods

Your context, objectives and target audience will determine what communication methods will be most suitable. Ideally, you should aim to prioritize two to four key methods, with a combination of oral and written methods.

4. Communication tools

What tools will be used to communicate with which target personas? How could channels be improved to support communication goals?

5. Communication strategies

What methods will be used to increase student interaction?

6. Anticipate obstacles and emergencies

Any number of things can happen in the course of a communication effort. List some obstacles/challenges you might face.

7. Establish your time frame

You should communicate with participants throughout the program, especially before starting key activities, before making changes to the program and upon encountering delays.

8. Communications Budget

What is your communications cost structure? What changes to the budget are needed and why?

9. Track Results and Measure

How do you define success? What are the output and outcome metrics?

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