Refer to the module readings and reflect on your experiences to prepare your own Quality Assurance checklist, using the sample Quality Assurance checklist below, for the learning support plan you formulated in Module 3 learning challenge.

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Criteria Check Notes
Lesson Learning Outcomes Yes No N/A
The learning outcomes are clearly stated and measurable.
The learning outcomes are described in terms of what the student will be able to do upon completion and are written from the students’ perspective.
Instructions to students on how to meet the learning outcomes are clearly stated.
Instructions to students on how to meet the learning outcomes are clearly stated.

Lesson Materials Yes No N/A
Content is sequenced and structured in a way that enables students to achieve stated learning outcomes.
Learning activities are clearly integrated with specific instructional materials and linked to learning outcomes
Course materials are presented in a consistent and logical structure and layout, suitable to the delivery mode.
All course materials are current and free from typos and grammatical errors.
The distinction between required and optional materials is clearly explained.
All materials and resources used in the course are appropriately cited.
The lesson contains equivalent alternatives to auditory and visual content for accessibility purposes.
Learner Support Yes No N/A
The instructions make it clear how students can access technical support.
The instructions make it clear how the program’s academic support systems can be accessed (Example: Library services, peer tutoring).
The instructions make it clear how the student support services can be accessed (Example: Peer support services, Counselling).
The instructions articulate or link to the accessibility services.
The lesson provides guidelines or links to resources on how to succeed as a student in online or blended environments.
Course Technology Yes No N/A
The tools support the learning outcomes and enhance the learning process.
The course technologies are current.
Instructions on how to access the online technologies and resources are sufficient and easy to understand.
The tools used in the lesson are available to students, and there are instructions on how to get any additional required tools (Example: free downloads).
If synchronous activities are included, they are archived for students to review (For example webinars, and podcasts).
The lesson uses accessible technologies
The lesson design accommodates the use of assistive technologies

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