We have challenged you to consider that there isn’t always a clear split between formative and summative assessment. For example, a test at the end of a section may be used for marks (summative) but the lecturer may also analyse it to identify which gaps and misconceptions need to be addressed in her future teaching (formative).

The formative assessment activities you have built into your design can form an important part of an integrated summative assessment strategy. Rather than a single exam, consider an assessment strategy that consists of a set of activities that lead up to a final product. Each activity builds on the previous one. Each time, the student improves based on feedback from other students and yourself.

The University of Minnesota offers some ideas for thinking about alternative assessment strategies that might suit your context.

In the final activity of this course, explore for yourself how you can design an integrated activity or series of activities, that supports your students to learn through integrated summative assessment.


An integrated activity

This is for a full completion badge

  1. Choose a course, or a part of a course of your own.
  2. Using LibreOffice Writer, design a series of activities using assessment for, of and as learning in a subject area of your choice. You can use your own activity template, if you have one, or you can download this template as an editable file in the format of your choice:
  3. Save the document on your computer, and export a PDF version of the lesson.
  4. Upload the document to the AS4ODFL Moodle site for approval by a teacher on this course. Remember to provide access to two file formats:
    • PDF version for download and printing
    • Editable file format (.DOCX or .ODT)

Your file must be submitted via Moodle. You will need to create an account on the Moodle site. (If you don’t already have an account on the course Moodle site, please consult the instructions. The enrolment key is: ppodl (all lowercase).)


BEFORE you submit your Integrated Activity, review it by conducting a traffic light self-assessment.

  1. Ask a colleague to read your work, and give you feedback, based on the same criteria as the traffic light self-assessment. Give feedback to your colleague as well if they are willing. This will it a more collaborative assessment.
  2. Edit and refine your work, based on your self-assessment and on your colleague’s feedback.
  3. When you are satisfied with what you have done, submit it for your final badge.

Traffic lights green.png

I can do this well (Distinguished)
A high quality teaching resource likely to be re-used by my peers
The resource demonstrates:

  • A clear purpose, linked to outcomes
  • Collaborative assessment of learning, for learning and as learning
  • Integration of formative and summative assessment as part of a wider assessment strategy
  • Careful consideration for online learning
Traffic lights amber.png

I can do this (Intermediate)
A functional teaching resource that I am happy to use in my classroom
The resource demonstrates:

  • A clear purpose, not clearly linked to outcomes
  • Collaborative assessment of learning, for learning and/or as learning
  • Integration of formative and summative assessment
  • Some consideration for online learning
Traffic lights red.png

I need more practice (Novice)
Resource is still in the early draft phase and needs more work
One or more of the following is absent:

  • A clear purpose
  • Collaborative engagement
  • Assessment of learning, assessment for learning and/or assessment as learning
  • An integration of formative and summative assessment
  • Consideration for online learning