Course overview

Learning outcome

On successful completion of this short course learners will have an understanding of the salient aspects that need careful attention if ODFL provisioning is to be credible.


Course code:QA4ODFL
Duration:4 weeks
Workload:5 – 6 hours per week
Badges:Participation Badge and Completion Badge
Certification:Certificate of Participation and Completion
Course materials:Preview online

What will I learn?

In this short online course you will:

  • Identify key aspects of ODFL that distinguish it from conventional face to face education;
  • Appreciate the importance of creating an enabling policy environment for ODFL in your country;
  • Explain why appropriate governance and management are important in order to realise good quality ODFL;
  • Design an appropriate ODFL system in your country, which can meet the educational needs of different people in your context and is within government financial means;
  • Advise on most appropriate technologies that can be harnessed to leverage the quality of ODFL in your context; and
  • Evaluate ODFL provisioning in your country, if there is any, with a view to improving it.

What’s involved

This is a hands-on, activity-based course consisting of 4 Units. It is anticipated that you need 30 hours (4 weeks) to go through the whole course. The 30 hours can be spread over a period of 1 to 3 months, depending on the commitments you have. The 4 units cover: Policy issues, Governance and management of ODFL, ODFL structure and funding issues, and Technology and logistics in ODFL.

Certification options

Certificate of Participation and Badge

There is a learning quiz at the end of each unit. If you complete at least three of those quizzes and get 60% or above for each quiz, you will get a Certificate of Participation and a Participation Badge.

QA4ODFL1 Completion Certificate and Badge

If you complete all four unit quizzes as well as the scenario-based assessment at the end of the course and get 70% or above for each quiz, you will receive a QA4ODFL Completion Certificate and Completion Badge.

Digital badgeRequirement
Participation BadgeComplete at least three of the unit quizzes and get 60% or above for each quiz
Completion BadgeComplete all four unit quizzes as well as the scenario-based assessment at the end of the course and get 70% or above for each quiz


Any teacher is free and welcome to participate in this course. The course will be conducted in English. We recommend that you have:

  • Access to a personal computer for 5 – 6 hours per week
  • Basic computer skills (saving files in different formats, setting up and deleting folders, starting programs, etc.)
  • Access to the internet for 3 – 5 hours per week while working online on the course.
  • Basic skills in navigating websites using a browser.
  • Ability to install, or have access to a colleague or friend to help you install Free and Open Source Software programs (we will provide links to free downloads of the software).

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