Course overview

This is an intermediate level course for educators to build digital skills for designing and developing online materials and to publish these on an open website.

Learning outcome

Design and publish an online learning sequence using a Mediawiki-to-WordPress-Multisite toolset, incorporating H5P interactive content elements and rich media.


Course code:EDT4OL
Prerequisites:Acceptance Portfolio
(2 weeks)
Duration:3 weeks
Workload:3 – 6 hours per week
Badges:Six digital badges
Certification:Certificate of Completion
Course materials:Preview online

What will I learn?

In this short online course you will:

  • Develop intermediate wiki skills for collaborative development of OER online content
  • Design and publish selected H5P interactive content objects
  • Design and publish a storyboard for authoring an online learning sequence
  • Integrate pedagogical elements into online course materials
  • Author and publish a learning sequence as part of a WordPress Multisite course website
  • Use social media and digital messaging tools for peer learning and technical support

What’s involved?

This is a hands-on, activity-based course in which you will:

  1. Prepare an Acceptance Portfolio and sign a learning contract (cohorts are restricted to 30 learners)
  2. Complete six learning challenges to demonstrate your design and development skills for publishing a learning sequence on an open website:
    • H5P authoring challenge
    • Storyboard challenge
    • Outlining a learning pathway challenge
    • Intermediate wiki skills challenge
    • Snapshot challenge
    • Publish a learning sequence challenge

Certification options

Participants who successfully achieve the six digital badges summarised below for the EDT4OL course will receive a PDF Certificate of Completion.

Digital badgeRequirement
Acceptance portfolioProvide evidence of digital skills for open online publishing, specifically:
  • Basic wiki skills
  • Basic knowledge of copyright and Creative Commons licensing
  • Signing a learning contract
  • Publishing and acceptance portfolio blog post
H5P AuthorCreate three interactive learning activities using H5P and publish these online
Course DesignerDevelop a storyboard to support the learning design of your online content to outline the sequence of sub-pages for a learning pathway.
Course developerAcquire intermediate wiki skills to author a collection of pages for a learning pathway and generate a WordPress snapshot for publishing your learning materials online.
EDT4OL ParticipantComplete and pass an online quiz on core concepts covered during the EDT4OL course.
Empowered Digital TeacherThis is an cumulative badge awarded to EDT4OL participants who have achieved the five preceding badges. Holders of the Empowered Digital Teacher Badge will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for the course.


Any teacher is free and welcome to submit an Acceptance Portfolio to gain entry into this course. The course will be conducted in English. We recommend that you have:

  • Access to a personal computer for 3 – 6 hours per week (depending on your digital skills for online publishing)
  • Basic knowledge of online publishing skills which you can acquire by completing the Acceptance Portfolio
  • Access to the internet for 3 – 5 hours per week while working online on the course.
  • Average skills in navigating websites using a browser

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