Course overview

Learning outcome

On successful completion of this short course learners will design online activity-based assessment to support teaching and learning.


Course code:AS4ODFL
Duration:3 weeks
Workload:3 – 5 hours per week
Badges:Two digital badges
Certification:Certificate of Completion
Course materials:Preview online

What will I learn?

In this short online course you will:

  • Understand assessment for learning, assessment of learning and assessment as learning in relation to summative and formative assessment
  • Reflect on the relationship between assessment and activity-based teaching and learning
  • Appreciate the value of feedback in meaningful assessment
  • Explore ways of providing meaningful feedback
  • Design alternatives to formal, summative assessment

Certification options

Participants who successfully achieve the six digital badges summarised below for the CS4ODFL course will receive a PDF Certificate of Completion.

Digital badgeRequirement
Partial completion badgeComplete the consolidated formative assessment quiz at the end of Week Three.
Assessor badgeComplete the consolidated formative assessment quiz and an integrated activity at the end of week three.


Any teacher is free and welcome to participate in this course. The course will be conducted in English. We recommend that you have:

  • Access to a personal computer for 3 – 5 hours per week
  • Basic computer skills (saving files in different formats, setting up and deleting folders, starting programs, etc.)
  • Access to the internet for 3 – 5 hours per week while working online on the course.
  • Basic skills in navigating websites using a browser
  • Ability to install, or have access to a colleague or friend to help you install Free and Open Source Software programs (we will provide links to free downloads of the software).

Image attribution

Hand, pencil and quiz sheet by F1Digitals published under Pixabay licence.