Course overview

Learning outcome

Improve digital skills using Free and Open Source Software to develop teaching materials for your classroom and share these as Open Educational Resources (OER).


Course code:DS4OERS
Duration:3 weeks
Workload:3 – 5 hours per week
Badges:Six digital badges
Certification:Certificate of Completion
Course materials:Preview online

What will I learn?

In this short online course you will:

  • Discuss and reflect on why open matters in education with Pacific teachers
  • Review what constitutes an Open Educational Resource (OER)
  • Apply knowledge of the six Creative Commons open licenses including legal remix compatibility for derivative works and requirements for attribution.
  • Search for openly licensed images and audio for reuse.
  • Gain hands-on experience in using Free and Open Source Software packages to remix content, images and produce audio graphics for use in your classroom.

What’s involved?

This is a hands-on, activity-based course in which you will complete:

  1. Enabling activities covering: what constitutes an OER, Creative Commons licensing, attribution, and remix compatibility.
  2. Four digital skills learning challenges to develop teaching resources for use in the classroom:
    • Open image challenge
    • Vector chart or diagram remix challenge
    • Static audio graphic remix challenge
    • Lesson plan challenge

Certification options

Participants who successfully achieve the six digital badges summarised below for the DS4OERS course will receive a PDF Certificate of Completion.

Digital badgeRequirement
OER Image Develop a printable teaching resource in PDF format in a curriculum area of your choice to be used in a classroom incorporating openly licensed images you have found on the internet. Share it online as an OER under an open content licence.
OER Diagram RemixDevelop a chart, diagram, or graphic organiser in a curriculum area of your choice, that you can use as a single page printable resource in a classroom. Include SVG graphics you have sourced on the internet and Share it online as an OER under an open content licence..
OER AudiographicMake a static image audiographic (in a subject area of your choice), to use in a lesson. Share it online as an OER under an open content licence.
OER Lesson PlanPrepare a lesson plan in a subject area of your choice, including three teaching resources, and different activities and assessments for different parts of your lesson. Share it online under an open content licence.
DS4OERS ParticipantComplete and pass an online quiz on core concepts covered during the DS4OERS course.
OER PractitionerThis is an cumulative badge awarded to DS4OER participants who have achieved the five preceding badges. Holders of the DS4OERS Practitioner Badge will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for the course.


Any teacher is free and welcome to participate in this course. The course will be conducted in English. We recommend that you have:

  • Access to a personal computer for 3 – 5 hours per week
  • Basic computer skills (saving files in different formats, setting up and deleting folders, starting programs, etc.)
  • Access to the internet for 3 – 5 hours per week while working online on the course.
  • Basic skills in navigating websites using a browser
  • Ability to install, or have access to a colleague or friend to help you install Free and Open Source Software programs (we will provide links to free downloads of the software).

Image attribution

Best friends Honiara central market by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade published under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licence.